Friday, 21 October 2011

Classroom inventory

In my classroom...
   There are 15 tables
   There are 14 chairs
   There are 2 boards
   There are 8 shelves
   There are 4 computers
   There is a CD player
   There is a map.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our new language assistant

This year we are also fortunate to receive an English Language Assistant. His name is Jake Wolf and he is from the USA. He’s going to help us to improve our English and to learn more about English and American culture.

Children have written something about him.

This is Jake.                                           
He is a language assistant.  
He is spending the school year in CRA Moncalvillo.  
He helps teach kids English.  
He is twenty three years old.
He is from Nebraska, America
He has got blue eyes.
He has got straight, long, blonde hair.
He is a lovely, nice, handsome, and very happy man. 
He is also very tall.  He is 1,90 meters tall.
We hope he has a nice time with us!