Monday, 18 March 2019

A day in Logroño

A day in Logroño

On March 14th, pupils in 4th grade from Entrena and in 3rd and 4th from Nalda went to Logroño to go to the theatre and to the Cubo del Revellín. 

First we went in the public bus. Then we arrived in Logroño. We visited the Cubo del Revellín, that is the remains of a wall that surrounded Logroño. When we got there, we happened to meet with a group of people from Logroño at the same time.

Later we went to the theatre. It was very, very funny. The play was called Tarzan and it was about two monkeys dancing Fornite dances and they heard a baby crying, and ... It was Tarzan, so they took care of him. I really enjoyed the trip in the bus.

By Dan Eley